10 Reasons to Move to Alaska


Royal Alaskan Movers is ready to make your move to Alaska simple and worry free.    In case you are wondering what you should do once you move to Alaska, here are 10 GREAT ideas to get you started.

1.  Alaska, the Final Frontier:

If you love nature then Alaska is just your cup of tea.  Alaska is the largest state in the Union, 2x the size of Texas, and largely still natural and unexplored.  Alaska has everything from snowy mountain peaks, glaciers, fresh water streams, swamps and forests as far as the eye can see.

2.  Hunting and Fishing:

While some of us dream about beaches, sun and surf, outdoor sportsmen dream of Alaska.  You can fish everything from Salmon and Arctic Char to Lake Trout or Halibut.  As a matter of fact the town of Homer is known as the Halibut capitol of the world.  Avid hunters need not limit themselves to the well known Moose and Bear populations in Alaska.  Wolverines, caribou, mountain goats, wolves, and muskox are just a few of the other species you can hunt in Alaska’s backyard.

3.  The People:

Natives make moving to Alaska a truly unique experience.  With so many different types of climates and environments to choose from, Native Alaskans have some of the most diverse and amazing cultures found anywhere in the world.  Alaskans are always friendly and more importantly always willing to lend a hand.

 4. Always Something to See:

Even if you have visited Alaska before, chances are you barely scratched the surface of what Alaska has to offer.  The natural beauty of the surrounding landscape is vast and seemingly endless.  The Kenai Peninsula offers the most complete, up close and personal Alaskan experience.  Why not go up North and experience the magnificence of snow covered mountain ranges and the pureness of the Arctic.  In between you will be so busy with all the lakes, hiking trails, rivers and streams you could spend a lifetime trying to see it all, but lucky for you Alaska is your home and you won’t have far to go.

 5.  Alaska’s Unique History:

When you think of Alaska, Russian Orthodox influenced architecture is  probably not the first thing that comes to mind.  Combine that with museums about the Alaskan pipeline, gold rush and most of all the history of the native population, Alaska’s history is sure to broaden your horizon.

 6. Wildlife Viewing:              

In Alaska you are just moments away from viewing wildlife in its most natural form.  Most cities offer zoos or parks with fences and cages, but Alaska will take that experience to a whole new level.  One minute you are watching bears fish for salmon upstream, the next you are witnessing a pod of whales swimming freely in the Arctic.  Truly an experience you will never forget.

 7.  Adventure, Adventure and more Adventure:

For some, adventure is going to a wildlife preserve and viewing animals in their natural habitat.  Others prefer to jump in their car and drive seemingly endless roads surrounded by nature with no destination in mind.  If that doesn’t suite your fancy, then take a water taxi and spend 2 days hiking on a glacier.  Do you like to golf?  Alaska offers traditional and ice golf for the more adventurous type.  Whether it is hiking on glaciers in the wilderness or taking a sport to an extreme level, Alaska is sure to keep your adventure alive!

 8. Goodbye Taxes, Hello Dividends:

Are you like most people and hate paying taxes?  After you move to Alaska the term “income tax” will disappear from your life.  Due to revenues from the oil pipeline, Alaska has done way with the state income tax.  Think that is great… there is more!  By enacting the PDF (Permanent Dividend Fund), local Alaskans are able to a share a piece of the state’s annual oil generated revenue.  Every resident receives a check for their share ranging from $700 to $1000 depending on the price of oil that year.

 9. Summer Paradise:

Have you ever dreamt of an endless summer??  An Alaskan summer is exactly that.  Sunlight shines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing for a fun and energetic atmosphere throughout the state.  Midnight barbeques and baseball games are a time honored tradition after 7 months of winter weather.

 10. The Northern Lights:

The Aurora Borealis needs no introduction.  Near Fairbanks, this natural beautiful array of lights fills the night sky with brilliant colors and awe inspiring movement.  It is typically seen in a blue or green color, but at times can also be seen in orange, yellow and red.  Combine all that with various depth and smooth fluid motions and the Alaskan Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, are sure to top your list of most beautiful natural wonders in the world.