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If you’re moving to Kodiak — whether it’s as part of a military relocation, for work, or just to enjoy a new way of living for yourself and your family — there are a few things you need to do first…

  • Book passage on a ferry or plane because there are no roads to Kodiak (as it’s the biggest town on the island of Kodiak).
  • Pack for the weather, as Kodiak, like much of Alaska, is pretty cold year round, staying roughly between 25 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Contact Royal Alaskan Movers, as no one knows more about the best way to move to Kodiak: household items, office equipment, vehicles, and more — for every moving need you have, we come equipped.

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Do you need help planning your move to Kodiak? We can assign a project manager who will create a moving plan that meets your timetables and budget. Find out if Kodiak is right for you right now.

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Will you need storage before, during, or after your move to Kodiak? We can provide that, too. No matter what kind of moving service you need, and no matter whether it’s a commercial, residential, or military move, Royal Alaskan Movers will make moving to Kodiak as easy as moving next door.

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kodiak brown bear
Kodiak: bears are just the beginning

What most people know about Kodiak, AK, if they know anything at all, is that it’s home to a singular species: the Kodiak Bear, the second largest bear species in the world (after the polar bear). These amazing animals can reach up to 1,500 pounds and stand up to 10 feet tall.

Worry not: most of the bear population is on the southwest side, whereas the city of Kodiak is on the opposite side. And the bears don’t really bother or attack people — in fact, only one person has been killed by a Kodiak bear in the past 75 years.

But while bears are a big tourist draw, they are far from the reason most people move to Kodiak to live. What brings people to Alaska’s Emerald Isle are the ocean views, the endless outdoor recreation activities (hiking, fishing, hunting, kayaking, golf, and skiing), and the stunning scenery (every summer, the island practically overflows with wildflowers).

You’ll find the amenities you’re used to in the lower 48 as well: boutique shops, locally owned restaurants, commercial chain stores, an arts council, and so much more. For all these reasons and more, many people who move to Kodiak temporarily for work or a military relocation end up calling Kodiak home for life.

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