Office Relocation and Moving Company in Anchorage, Alaska
Simplify Your Office Move with Alaska’s Expert Commercial Movers

Office Relocation and Moving Company in Anchorage, Alaska

Simplify Your Office Move with Alaska’s Expert Commercial Movers

Are you looking to relocate your office in Alaska? Whether you are moving your office furniture to a new location, expanding, or moving to a new floor, our experienced commercial movers can help. We know how disruptive office renovations can be so we will work around your schedule to ensure we keep disruptions to a minimum. When working with Royal Alaskan Movers, you will be working closely with a dedicated representative who oversees every aspect of your move, including proper insurance, building protection, building access, and elevator restrictions. Request a quote to get started today.


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Seamless Office Moving Services Across Alaska

Specialized packing and unpacking

Furniture assembly and installation

Storage for short or long-term

Moving services across Alaska

White glove delivery and installation

Your Trusted Alaskan Office Moving Company

From Logistics to Assembly and Installation

No matter where you’re moving your corporate office in Alaska, we will take you through every step, from the initial planning stages to final delivery and installation.

Keeping Your Business Moving Is Our Priority

At Royal Alaskan Movers, our office relocation experts will work on your schedule to ensure as little disruption to your business as possible.

Simplified Office Relocations from Start to Finish

You don’t have to find more than one vendor for your office relocation needs, we can do it all. Transportation, storage, pickup, delivery, installations, and more.

Your Office Relocation Guide – How to Prepare for an Office Move

One of the best ways to prepare for an office move is to start your planning early. If you’re able to get started three to six months in advance, you’ll have plenty of time to create a stress-free move for all involved.

As part of that planning process, expect to:

Hire a moving company – As with all moves, we recommend getting three, independent quotes so you understand the lay of the land.

Put together a budget – Determine all the costs involved and run them by the top stakeholders in the company to ensure that all their moving needs are covered.

Get buy-in from your team – You’ll need their assistance during the move, so take time to explain the rationale behind the move and share the benefits they can expect.

Don’t forget your IT infrastructure – Get your tech team involved early to scope out the cost and manpower for moving computers, servers, and phone systems. (And remember that you’ll want Internet access and utilities set up before you start moving in your FF&E!

Consider an all-in-one solution for your move – Ask if your movers can also handle the FF&E installation, which means one fewer vendor to coordinate. Your movers may also be able to help with the freight and delivery of any new FF&E, creating a true all-in-one solution that will simplify your project considerably.

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