FF&E Installation Company in Anchorage, Alaska
Project Logistics and Freight Services for Hotels, Hospitals, Retail, and More

FF&E Installation Company in Anchorage, Alaska

Project Logistics and Freight Services for Hotels, Hospitals, Retail, and More

Executing an installation project in Alaska comes with a whole list of challenges. With decades of experience under our belts, the Royal Alaskan Movers team is more than up to the task. We can help you with all aspects of your installation projects, from the shipping solutions that move your FF&E directly to your job site, all the way through and including final installation. Our local Alaska experts know exactly what it takes to get a project done in a state where extreme weather, remote locations, and lack of infrastructure constitute business as usual.

Our team has completed projects all across the state—Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Kodiak, Ketchikan, Nome, Bethel, and even into rural Alaska. No matter where you’re located, we’ll provide efficient project logistics throughout Alaska—and with the highest levels of professionalism.

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Alaskan Logistics Solutions: From Hospitality to Construction Projects

Hotel FF&E Installations

We can easily provide project support for the hospitality industry. Whether it’s renovating a hotel, or a new build—we can assist in all scenarios.

Medical Offices and Hospitals

We’ve transported and installed large, heavy, and sensitive medical equipment all over Alaska—and the world. Trust our team for a safe, secure solution.

Retail Installations & Logistics

Our installation services include comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your needs. We ensure seamless deployment of fixtures, displays, equipment, and more.

Construction Projects

Whether you need to store project supplies in our warehouse, need help delivering supplies/equipment, or if you need drayage services throughout Alaska—we have you covered.

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Simplify Your Project with Royal Alaskan Movers

Logistics Project Management

Leave the logistics to us. We can manage all the aspects of your project, including FF&E freight schedules, delivery logistics, drayage, storage, cargo staging, and final installation.

Storage & Delivery

Don’t have room on-site to store your cargo? We can hold them in our secure facility for you. When it’s time for deliver, we’ll get everything to your job site, anywhere in Alaska.

All-in-One Solutions to Simplify Your Project

Rather than coordinating multiple vendors, let Royal Alaskan Movers offer you a one-stop solution for your installation project. You’ll add a new level of ease and simplicity to your next installation project.

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Expertise and Efficiency: Seamless Installation Services in Alaska

Licensed , Insured, and Experienced

Our team has handled just about everything under the midnight sun. We’ve heli-lifted furniture and fine art to the top of the Talkeetna Mountains. We’ve moved X-ray machines to coastal village clinics, and we’ve installed sensitive imaging equipment in hospitals all over the state.

In other words, we know how to handle your project—and your furniture, fixtures and equipment (ff&e)—with care and professionalism. You can trust our licensed, insured, and experienced team with your project—and your assets.

Minimizing Disruptions

Business doesn’t stop just because you need to redecorate or renovate. We’ll work around your schedule to establish a plan that keeps business disruptions to a minimum. We can even work night, weekend, and holiday hours—whatever is most convenient for you.

For jobs completed while your operation is open, our uniformed teams will deliver a polished experience for staff and customers alike.

Alaska Installation Services That Keep Your Business Moving

Trust Royal Alaskan Movers to handle your installation project with the highest levels of professionalism. Our experienced team will complete your project efficiently—and with minimal disruption to your operations. Simply request a quote, and one of our project managers will be in touch to create a plan that meets your business goals, right from the start.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alaska Installations, FF&E & Freight

FF&E stands for furniture, fixtures, and equipment. FF&E refers to all the items in a building that could be easily removed or moved—items that aren’t permanently attached to the building.


In a hotel, all the furniture in each guest room would be considered FF&E: the bed, nightstands, lamps, desk, and chair. Any light fixtures or artwork would also be considered FF&E.


In an office, the furniture—including chairs, desks, cubicle dividers, filing cabinets, etc.—would be considered FF&E.

In a medical setting, FF&E can include furniture such as patient beds or seating, fixtures such as lighting features attached to the wall, and equipment such as electronic vital sign monitors.


In the hotel setting, both FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) and OS&E (operating supplies and equipment) are items that impact a guest’s experience—and neither is permanently attached to the building. FF&E, though, refers to the more permanent aspects of a hotel—couches, chairs, artwork, etc. OS&E refers to items that get used up, like shower amenities and bedding, as well as office supplies used to run the hotel operation.

Choosing the right equipment is extremely important when you’re moving sensitive medical equipment, so crews generally come prepared with dollies, skates, jacks, and J-bars, depending on exactly what’s being relocated.

For large machines, like MRI machines and CT scanners, equipment can be manufacturer-specific. Trying to move these types of large machinery without the right tools can result in damage. That’s why it’s so important to hire an experienced crew for moving medical equipment.

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