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Lift Vans, Containers and More: Your Options for Moving to Alaska

Moving to Alaska is a little different—but that’s probably one of the reasons why you’re excited to move to the Frontier State. Alaska’s rugged wilderness offers the perfect setting for outdoor adventures. It also can make moving to Alaska a little more challenging than a move within the lower 48.  So what are your options for moving to Alaska? Some people are happy to simply fill a truck with their belongings and drive themselves to Alaska. However, whereas a relocation from California to Texas can be as straightforward as packing a moving van, many destinations in Alaska simply aren’t directly accessible by highway.     So if you decide to send your possessions to Alaska, depending on your final destination, they’ll […]

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Moving Insurance vs. Full-Value Protection: How to Safeguard Your Move to Alaska 

There’s insurance for just about everything these days.   You’ve probably heard about pet insurance, which covers veterinary costs for cats, dogs, parrots, guinea pigs, geckos, ferrets (and more!).   But did you know that you can buy wedding insurance in case, for example, one of your vendors doesn’t show or the whole event gets canceled?   There’s even lottery syndicate coverage for businesses to protect their operations in case a group of employees happens to hit the lottery and quit their jobs all at once.  Given that insurance coverage exists for almost every eventuality, you shouldn’t be surprised when your moving company offers you an option to protect your possessions on their move to or from Alaska.  Although many people refer […]

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Doing a DIY Move to Alaska? Consider These 5 Areas First

Read-Time | 6 Minutes One of the things we love about Alaska is the “can do” attitude its residents embrace. When you live in the Last Frontier, you have to be resourceful and flexible to get many things done. That’s why it might seem like a no-brainer for you to perform a DIY move to Alaska. If you’re considering a move to Alaska, you’ve likely got that same can-do spirit. You may be considering a do-it-yourself move, rather than hiring a moving company to handle all the details of your relocation. DIY moves can take many forms, including:   Putting your possessions in boxes and using a […]

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What’s the Real Cost of Living in Alaska?

When you’re moving to a state that’s known for selling the most expensive McDonald’s Quarter Pounders with Cheese, it’s only natural that you’d wonder about the overall cost of living in Alaska. The 49th state has long occupied a top slot in the most expensive states to live in. It currently ranks #7, just behind Hawaii, Maryland and Massachusetts. However, we have some good news: Seattle, San Francisco, Manhattan and Waterloo-Cedar Falls, Iowa, have dethroned Alaska in the race for the most expensive Quarter Pounder with Cheese. Plus,  with the 2018 Permanent Fund Dividend clocking in at $1,600 for Alaska residents, it might be the […]

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11 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Alaska

John Muir, the co-founder of the Sierra Club, was said to have written in his journal: “You should never go to Alaska as a young man because you’ll never be satisfied with any other place as long as you live.” This quote offers you a hint of the wonders you’ll experience when you move to The Last Frontier. But in addition to the incredible sights and unforgettable experiences you’ll enjoy, you’ll also discover that Alaska is probably unlike any place you’ve ever lived before. So in the spirit of welcoming you to the state, we also want to share a few things you should know […]

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Alaska’s Major Industries & Job Opportunities: By the Numbers

When it comes to preparing for a big move to a new location, we’ve noticed that most people subscribe to one of two philosophies: Philosophy #1: Research all you can ahead of time so you arrive prepared with a solid plan in place. #TeamResearchIt Philosophy #2: Jump in feet first, and figure it all out when you get there. #TeamWingIt At Royal Alaskan Movers, we’re more the “research and prepare” types. (We pretty much have to be!) If you are too—and you’re considering making the Last Frontier your next home—we’d love to help you discover more about Alaska before you make the move. Below, we’ll […]

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