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How Much Does It Cost to Ship Freight to and from Alaska?

Moving freight to and from isolated locations like Alaska can get complicated—and expensive—quickly. To help you budget for your next Alaska freight project, we’ll walk you through the factors we look at when we price out a shipment to or from the Last Frontier. Some of these factors may seem familiar. Others are particular to Alaska, a state in which only 18% of communities are accessible by road, and only about 31% of Alaska’s public roads are paved. Whether you’re moving machinery, medical equipment, construction equipment, materials, or supplies to or from Alaska, this article will offer you insights on your freight costs so you...

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Considering a 20-Foot Shipping Container? Why You Should Reconsider

When you’re moving freight that doesn’t require a 40-foot container, you might consider its smaller sibling, the 20-foot container. However, when you’re moving freight to or from Alaska, 20-foot containers present some surprising challenges. In fact, many carriers are phasing them out. Additionally, because 20-foot containers aren’t cost effective and tend to move more slowly, you might want to consider another option. In this article, we’ll explain more about why to reconsider using 20-foot containers for Alaska freight—and what alternatives are available. With this understanding, you’ll be able to maximize your efficiency, lower your costs, and keep your shipments moving with fewer delays. #1: 20-Foot...

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5 Must-Knows for Shipping Alaska Freight

Things work a little differently in Alaska—and moving freight is no exception. In a state where more than 80% of communities are not accessible by road, it’s quickly clear why logistics are more complex in Alaska than in the lower 48. Add in the extreme winter weather and the rugged terrain, and you’ll start to understand the unique challenges of moving freight around Alaska. If you’re considering a freight project to, from, or around Alaska, understanding the key factors at play will help you plan for a smooth shipment from the start. You’ll also want to make sure you ask the right questions so you...

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