Freight Shipping to Alaska
Expert Anchorage Based Freight Forwarder

Freight Shipping to Alaska

Expert Anchorage Based Freight Forwarder

Wherever you need freight moved in Alaska, the Royal Alaskan Movers team is ready to assist. We can move freight by land, sea, and air to, from, and within Alaska. Our experience is unequaled. We’re uniquely equipped to get even the most challenging freight to and from even the most remote areas of the state.

We go beyond port-to-port service to offer complete freight solutions. Our experts can assist with air freight, ocean freight, LCL, FCL, trucking, drayage, warehousing/storage, and white glove installations. Let us put together a complete freight solution and add ease and simplicity to your next Alaska freight shipment.


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Freight Shipping Company Located in Anchorage
Ability to Deliver Anywhere in Alaska

We are asset-based, located in Anchorage, and have the team, terminal, and resources to transport your freight anywhere in Alaska. Whether you are shipping freight to Anchorage, Fairbanks, Ketchikan, Kodiak, Juneau, or other points in Alaska – we have got you covered!

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Ocean and Air Freight to Alaska

Ocean Freight to Alaska

Ocean Freight

Whether you need LCL or FCL solutions, we’ll tailor a solution to your budget. We go beyond the port to deliver your freight anywhere in Alaska. With our resources and knowledge, we make ocean freight to/from Alaska seamless.

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Air Freight to Alaska

Air Freight

Air offers a vital link for many Alaska communities. When your cargo or equipment needs to go somewhere the Alaska roads don’t, we can arrange air transportation to get your freight to its final destination. To, from, or within Alaska—we’ve got you covered.
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Alaska’s Top Freight Forwarder
Going Beyond Port-to-Port Freight Services

Trust Royal Alaskan Movers for secure storage that keeps your cargo safe until you need it. We’re ready to receive, assemble, house, and deliver almost any kind of cargo with an eye focused squarely on safety and security.

We offer short-distance pickup and delivery for drayage services in Alaska. Our local teams know the fastest and safest way to move your cargo while navigating Alaska’s challenging terrain.

We deliver complete freight solutions, including white glove installation and assembly. FF&E installations, O&I moves, and medical equipment moves/assembly/disassembly projects all fall squarely in our wheelhouse.

Some Alaska trucking companies can only take you as far as the ports. With our owned fleet—and multimodal resources—we can assist with door-to-door service anywhere in
Alaska for both pickups
and deliveries

Alaska Freight Services for All Types of Cargo

Freight of All Sizes and Shapes – FCL and LCL

Full containers and full truckloads (FCL/FTL). Less-than-container loads and consolidations (LCL/LTL). Oversized and overweight freight. Hazardous freight, including batteries. Freight that requires special handling. We can move it all—and we can get it anywhere in Alaska.

Heavy Equipment

Moving heavy equipment in Alaska can be a challenge. We transport all kinds of equipment—even oversized and overweight items—anywhere in Alaska. We also offer storage solutions to hold your items until you need them on site.

Medical Equipment

Our experts handle all types of medical equipment: MRIs, X-ray machines, CT and PET systems, pathology labs, and more. The Royal Alaskan team delivers end-to-end services, including shipping, delivery, installation, removal, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alaska Freight

A significant portion of freight gets to Alaska via ocean freight and air freight. Additionally, freight headed for Alaska arrives over the road via the ALCAN highway.

To learn more about how freight moves to Alaska—and gets where it needs to go—check out our article, 5 Must-Knows for Shipping Alaska Freight.

A number of different carriers move over-the-road freight to Alaska over the ALCAN highway. Other carriers move freight via air and sea.

Choosing the right carrier depends on the type of freight you’re shipping, as well as the origin and destination points for your cargo. In some cases, ocean freight might be a better choice for Alaska-bound cargo.

Our experts can help you find the right solution for your payload—and your budget. Just reach out for a complimentary quote from our team.

Yes, LTL shipping is available to Alaska, as is LCL shipping via ocean freight.

Keep in mind that 82% of Alaska communities are not accessible by road, and not all providers provide door-to-door service in Alaska. Before you choose a freight provider, make sure to ask about the available pick-up and delivery options to ensure the provider you choose can meet your needs.

When you’re shipping small parcels, the USPS flat-rate Priority Mail boxes offer you great bang for your buck. However, for anything larger, ocean freight tends to offers the cheapest solution for moving freight to Alaska.

The only way to know for sure, though, is to get a quote.

When you’re moving a container to Alaska, the ocean freight starts at around ~$6,700 to move a 40′ container from the Port of Tacoma to the Port of Anchorage (not including drayage/trucking, loading, or unloading services). However, your final rate will depend on a number of different factors, including the services you request and the type of freight you’re moving.

To get a better handle on the cost, check out our article How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Container to or from Alaska?

Alaska is a challenging destination for deliveries. It’s a remote state far removed from the lower 48. Additionally, 82% of Alaska communities are not accessible by road, which means deliveries have to travel by boat or plane, and then get moved by truck to their final destination. As a result, shipping to Alaska can be expensive, so many companies opt simply not to offer the option.

As with many other remote destinations, items that move to Alaska have to travel far distances. Additionally, carriers have more limited options for delivering items in Alaska, since many communities aren’t on the Alaska Highway System. As a result, some items have to be delivered by boat and plane, which only further adds to the difficulty of delivering items in Alaska—and the cost.

Alaska’s remoteness—combined with its largely wild and untouched landscape—makes it difficult for many items to reach their final destination in Alaska. Getting items to Alaska’s ports is relatively easy, especially for experienced freight providers.


However, moving freight to Alaska’s more remote destinations is a challenge that not every provider is equipped to handle. Our team leverages all modes of transportation—over-the-road, ocean, and air freight—to move items all over Alaska, both to metropolitan areas like Fairbanks, Juneau, and Anchorage and isolated communities.

The best way to ship to Alaska is to match the mode of transportation and the carrier with your shipping needs:

  • For small parcels, USPS, UPS, and FedEx are well equipped to handle Alaska deliveries.
  • For freight, ocean freight, air freight, and over-the-road freight options are all available for Alaska destinations. The best mode will depend on 1) how fast you need your freight to move, 2) your budget, and 3) the freight itself, since not all freight is suited for all modes.

Our team would be happy to help you choose the best way to move your freight to, from, or within Alaska. Just reach out for a complimentary quote to get started

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