Alaska Drayage Services – Local Drayage Company in Anchorage, AK
Simplify Freight Pickup and Delivery Across Alaska

Alaska Drayage Services – Local Drayage Company in Anchorage, AK

Simplify Freight Pickup and Delivery Across Alaska

Drayage Anywhere in Alaska – Trust the Experts
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Do you need a FCL (full container load) moved from one warehouse to another? Need to transport containers a short distance from a port to a storage facility? For all your short-run freight pickup and delivery needs, Royal Alaskan Movers offers drayage services, port to door, and final mile delivery services.

We our located in Anchorage, Alaska and have an experienced team to handle all of your drayage requests in Alaska. We will coordinate your cargo to seamless arrive at its final destination on-time and in-budget. With a focus on reliability and timeliness, we leverage our terminal’s capabilities to optimize operations and meet your diverse needs.


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Streamlined Container Drayage Services

Port to Warehouse

We provide pickups and deliveries throughout Alaska and can pickup freight from the port and deliver to your warehouse in Alaska.

Local Drayage

Our local drayage trucking services will seamlessly transportation your goods within the region of Alaska.

Door to Door

With our local team, we can deliver your freight anywhere in Alaska – even to remote or hard-to-access locations.

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Drayage Transportation Services in Alaska

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What Does Drayage Mean for You in Alaska?

At Royal Alaskan Movers, drayage means we will cover every step of your freight needs. Moving cargo from overseas to Anchorage, and need pickup and delivery on both ends? Moving your goods from a warehouse in Juneau to a retailer in that same city? Royal Alaskan Movers takes you every step of the way.

Customized Freight Pickup and Delivery Services

Royal Alaskan Movers offers container trucking services for both the initial and final mile of your freight. We ensure seamless pickup and delivery of your cargo to anywhere in Alaska. We provide customized shipping and logistics plans covering every step of the supply chain, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination efficiently, whether it’s at the port, curbside, or inside.

Drayage Freight Challenges in Alaska

When your cargo arrives in an Alaskan terminal (seaport or airport), that’s typically only the start of the journey: it’s trucking those goods to their final destination that can create challenges. This is because:

  1. Most businesses don’t have the teams and trucks to move cargo from the shipping yards to their places of business.
  2. For reliable short-run delivery and pickup, you want a freight partner with deep experience in short distance trucking in Alaska.

Trust the Local Drayage Experts

Port drayage services in Alaska require local drivers who know how to best navigate the north, and safely transport your goods under what can often be hazardous driving conditions.

Royal Alaskan Movers uses local drivers with local know-how, to ensure timely, cost-effective, and secure transport of your goods, whether it’s FF&E, heavy equipment, or restock for retail outlets, we will pickup and deliver through the first and final miles, and every step in-between.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Drayage

Drayage service refers to trucking that moves goods over short distances. For example, moving a container from the Port of Anchorage to a nearby warehouse would be considered drayage service.

Consider the following example of drayage: A 40′ container arrives at the Port of Alaska. Our team drives a truck to the port, picks up the container, and brings it back to our warehouse to unload the contents. Moving that container between the port and our warehouse would be an example of drayage.

Generally, drayage trucks are heavy-duty, Class 7 and 8 trucks. Although they have been historically diesel powered, there’s a significant movement toward using zero-emissions drayage trucks. This is especially true in California, whose Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation is aimed at 100% zero-emission drayage trucks in the state by 2035.

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