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Whether you’re moving a household, relocating a business, moving heavy equipment, or part of a military relocation, Royal Alaskan Movers can help get it done in a timely and cost-effective manner.

And there’s no industry working in and out of Alaska we don’t serve. We have customers in most every vertical market: energy, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, retail, healthcare, and more.

We believe that no matter what your moving needs may be and no matter where you’re moving to or from in Alaska, you can, and should, have a certain set of expectations.

You can expect that your belongings will arrive on-time and intact, and you can expect that the service you paid for is the service you get.

At Royal Alaskan Movers, meeting — rather, beating — those expectations is our mission. The way we do so comes down to our people, processes, and values.

Royal Alaskan Movers’ people: local expertise, global experience

As part of The DeWitt Companies, a family of moving and freight service companies that includes Royal Alaskan Movers, Royal Hawaiian Movers, Approved Freight Forwarders, DeWitt Guam, and DeWitt Worldwide, we offer a rare combination of local expertise and global experience.

And with a partner network that goes even further than our sister companies, Royal Alaskan Movers is the rare Alaskan moving company that can take you between Alaska and the rest of the world. Not just port-to-port, but door-to-door.

Our staff is able to execute at every level: planning, wrapping, shipping, offloading, local pickup and delivery, assembly and installation, and much more.

And we train every staff member in the fine art of listening: from the very first phone call, we listen to your needs and challenges; we listen to your input as we offer a project plan to address those needs; we listen to your feedback during and after the plan is executed.

With Royal Alaskan Movers, every relocation starts with a conversation. Contact us.

Royal Alaskan Movers’ process: providing, and streamlining, every single service

We know that most people and businesses moving to Alaska need more than just FCL shipping. As a move to Alaska is very different (compared to, say, a move within the lower 48), most of our customers require a complete service that addresses every single need they have — the ones they already know about and, more importantly, the ones they don’t yet know about.

This means extensive project planning and a highly customized shipping plan for each and every customer. And, for many of our commercial customers, it usually means a range of services that can include logistics, project management, white-glove delivery, assembly and installation, consolidation and deconsolidation, inventory management, and more.

Our goal was to create a one-stop-shop for any household and any company moving belongings or cargo to and from Alaska — and save every customer both time and money in the process.

Value is more than a number

In addition to providing the people and processes required to ensure your household belongings or commercial cargo arrives on-time and intact, Royal Alaskan Movers is 100% focused on providing value, and value means more than just a dollar figure.

This company was built on a simple set of values: in every Royal Alaskan Movers location — from the executive offices to the loading docks — the goal has always been to create an atmosphere conducive to building trusting and loyal relationships, with each other and with each and every customer.

Our focus on transparency in our pricing, processes, and policies supports these values and is a cornerstone in helping Royal Alaskan Movers become, and remain, a leader in moving services to, from, and within Alaska.