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Working Remotely? Make the Move to Alaska That You’ve Always Dreamed About

If you’ve ever spent time mulling over a big move to an exotic destination, the rise in remote work could be your dream come true. If you can count yourself among the lucky 33% of U.S. employees who are currently working remotely full-time, the door is wide open for you to relocate to a place that makes your heart sing. In other words, if you’ve always dreamed of moving to Alaska, this might be your big chance. By the way, if you decide to relocate due to remote working opportunities, you won’t be alone. Between 14 and 23 million Americans reported that they plan to […]

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Moving to Anchorage? Consider These 8 Neighborhoods

Travel + Leisure magazine might have ranked it the “worst-dressed city in the United States,” but its residents have found plenty to love about living in Anchorage, Alaska. Its current population of around 280,000 puts it on par with Newark, New Jersey, and Orlando, Florida. However, Anchorage is by far the most populous city in Alaska. (The next two largest cities are Juneau at 31,974 inhabitants and Fairbanks at 30,917!) As a result, Anchorage comes with the kinds of conveniences you’d expect of a cultural center: restaurants, museums, galleries, and more. That being said, as with almost every location in Alaska, you’re never far from […]

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8 Revealing Stats on the Surprising Alaska Healthcare Industry

Many of Alaska’s jobs are seasonal, with unemployment rates dipping in the summer when the construction, fishing, and tourism industries are at their peak.   However, there’s a considerable job sector in Alaska that’s immune to seasonality. It’s also grown steadily over the last 20 years, even through tough economic times: the healthcare sector. The industry, with an estimated size of $7.5 billion and nearly 39,000 Alaskans employed, has established itself as an industry giant in the state.  Whether you’re considering a move to Alaska and looking for a job in healthcare—or you’re simply interested in the future of the state—we’ll explore a set of revealing statistics that demonstrate healthcare’s key role in the state’s […]

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