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Your Complete Guide to Alaska’s ALCAN Highway

ALCAN | History, Tips, Fast Facts If you’re thinking of driving to Alaska or doing a DIY Alaska move, you’ll likely find yourself on the historic (and scenic!) Alaska Highway at some point. Since its official opening in 1948, this major route has played a significant role in Alaska’s history and continued development. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about the Alaska Highway. You’ll get a brief history of the road, a few interesting facts and figures, and our tips for navigating the Alaska Highway safely and easily. Let’s start with the basics. What, Exactly, Is the Alaska Highway? The...

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Leaving Alaska? Check Out These Most Popular Moving Destinations in the Lower 48

There’s no place on Earth that’s quite like Alaska. With awe-inspiring nature at every turn, harsh yet beautiful winters, boundless opportunities to live an off-the-grid lifestyle that’s uniquely your own and vast expanses of land to explore, Alaska has a lot to offer its residents. That being said, although we love living here, we know Alaska just isn’t for everyone. In fact, Alaska has experienced net migration losses over the last few years. In other words, more people are leaving Alaska than coming into the state. Estimates put the number at a net loss of about 20,000 residents over the last five years. If you...

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