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Anchorage Things to Do, Activities, and Attractions: Sightseeing, Culture, Food, and More

When you’re contemplating a significant move to a place like Anchorage, you might mentally “try on” your new hometown, much like stepping into a dressing room and pulling on a new outfit. While envisioning the different aspects of living in this new area, you might find yourself running through things like what Anchorage neighborhood you’ll live in, what your neighbors might be like, where you’ll work, what kind of schools you’ll send your kids to, what the surrounding areas will look like—and how you’ll spend your time off. Although we named it last on our list, the activities you’ll engage in during your leisure time […]

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10 Reasons We Love Anchorage, Alaska (And We Think You Will, Too!)

The city of Anchorage has been called many things, “North Seattle,” “the closest city outside of Alaska,” and “the largest small town you’ll ever live in” among them. But no matter what you call it (or whether you consider it “real Alaska!”) we love it. Anchorage has it all: moose, glaciers, salmon fishing, and outdoor living—right alongside Shakespeare, jazz, single-origin coffee, and craft beer. In other words, Anchorage offers a ton of amenities on par with any mid-sized U.S. city, and yet the wilderness is just a short drive out of town. If you’re thinking about moving to Anchorage, let us give you a quick […]

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Moving to Anchorage? Consider These 8 Neighborhoods

Travel + Leisure magazine might have ranked it the “worst-dressed city in the United States,” but its residents have found plenty to love about living in Anchorage, Alaska. Its current population of around 280,000 puts it on par with Newark, New Jersey, and Orlando, Florida. However, Anchorage is by far the most populous city in Alaska. (The next two largest cities are Juneau at 31,974 inhabitants and Fairbanks at 30,917!) As a result, Anchorage comes with the kinds of conveniences you’d expect of a cultural center: restaurants, museums, galleries, and more. That being said, as with almost every location in Alaska, you’re never far from […]

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