You were thinking about moving to Alaska for years but finally made the decision and headed north!  Now you are probably looking to start out on all of those adventures you have been hearing so much about. Although Alaska is generally a cold state, “the last frontier” is much more than just a destination with summer or winter only activities. There is always something fun to do no matter what the forecast looks like. You can get a true Alaskan’s experience 12 months out of the year. Whether you are interested in experiencing the great outdoors or would like to visit some heated attractions, you are bound to enjoy at least a few of the 11 most popular year-round activities.

  1. Fishing: Salmon is synonymous with Alaska and King Salmon is the most fun to catch all year-round. Unlike Oregon and Washington where the Salmon are biting at certain times of the year, you will be able to pull in some salmon any time. There are several great lakes for fishing both in the summer and winter months, as  you can try your hand at ice-fishing once the lake freezes over.
  2. Winter Horse Trekking: Horse trekking is great year-round because in the summer you can camp out overnight and see a lot of the local wildlife, but in the winter you get a completely different experience; getting to see the spectacular forest covered in snow. You can even book a sleigh ride out to a fire pit for some snacks before heading back.
  3. Flightseeing: No words one convey how beautiful the vast landscape of Alaska truly is so they created a way for people to go and understand it themselves; by plane! There are multiple flightseeing tours leaving from Anchorage that take you out over the Chugach Mountains, Mount McKinley, or even the Prince William Sound. Get up close with the glaciers, search for bears, and get a chance to see parts of Alaska that are untouched by humans.
  4. Snowmobiling: 7 months out of the year (November-May), you can jump on one of the most thrilling machines ever created for the snow. Snowmobiling is a wonderful way to experience the trails and frozen lakes of Alaska when there is snow on the ground.
  5. Prince William Sound: Witnessing firsthand the sound, glaciers, and fjords on the south coast of Alaska is a must-see activity all year round. In the summertime you can go on some hikes around the sound and in the winter you can catch a glimpse of the killer whales and epic glaciers from a boat tour.
  6. Dog Sledding: The Iditarod is the most popular dog sledding race in the world and you can enjoy being a spectator for that event, but heading out on the snow in traditional dog sledding form is a unique experience that only Alaska can offer.
  7. Ice Skating/Hockey: The second most popular sport in Alaska is ice hockey or ice skating. If you are looking for a relaxing time on the ice, rent some skates and hit one of the numerous frozen lakes in the winter or indoor ice rinks in the summer. For the competitive type, join some pick-up games or a local ice hockey league.
  8. H2Oasis Indoor Water Park: Unique to Anchorage is this 100% indoor water park with everything from heated pools to tanning beds. Kids and adults can have fun in their bathing suits even during the coldest part of winter.
  9. Indoor Sports at the Sportsdome: Exercise and sports are fun year round but sometimes the snow can discourage people, so Anchorage created the largest air-supported indoor sports center in the U.S. You can join in with some organized sports teams or just run around the track any day of the year.
  10. Archery: An often overlooked activity that is great all year round is archery. There are several indoor archery centers that help both amateurs and experts improve their skills. You can rent equipment or take your own and practice archery year-round.
  11. Alaska Botanical Gardens: Learn about the flora native to south-central Alaska by wandering through the beautiful Alaskan Botanical Gardens. The gardens have over 1,100 perennials and 150 native plant species that showcase Alaska’s natural beauty.

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