So… you’re moving to Alaska! Fun! Whether you are moving to Anchorage, moving to Fairbanks, or any other city in this beautiful state, you want to make sure to use the right kind of packing material to ensure the safety of your goods during transit.

While we strongly suggest that you hire a professional Alaska mover to assist you with your upcoming move, we also understand that sometimes people would just prefer to do things themselves. Here are a few packing tips that may help you with your upcoming move to Alaska:

What are the different types of boxes?

Boxes, a.k.a. “cartons,” come in various shapes and sizes, and it will certainly help you to know your options before you start wrapping and securing your items.

First things first:

Make sure not to overload an individual box (not too much weight)!  We have all done it… load a box to the brim, grab the duct tape and seal it up, bend over to pick it up, and…OUCH!  Please make sure to take the necessary precautions to avoid injuring yourself during your upcoming move to Alaska.  After all, you are moving to one of the most adventurous areas in the world! You don’t want to spend the first few weeks on the couch recuperating, now do you?

Without the proper equipment (dollies etc.), it can be difficult to handle boxes that weigh over 30-45lbs.  For this reason alone, small and medium-sized boxes are the box sizes of choice for individuals that choose not to hire a professional mover.   These box sizes, assuming that they are not filled with bricks or large rocks, are easy to transport from room to room, and are ideal for transporting books, dishes, toys, dishes, etc.

We recommend that you save the larger boxes for bulkier items such as couch cushions, bedsheets, electronics, etc.  Please remember, however, to watch the weight of these large boxes.  Overloading them with household items will certainly make things difficult for you, as they will be more difficult to transport.

If you have a lot of dishes, we would perhaps recommend looking into using specialized kitchen boxes, or dish packs.  These cartons are perfect for securing fragile kitchen dishes, drinking glasses, etc. Some of these boxes may even come with added insulation and individual dividers, perfect for keeping wine glasses and other glassware safe during transport

Then there is the famous wardrobe box.  While it may have seemed like the perfect idea at the time, jamming all of your clothes into large plastic garbage bags for easy transport, you may wish you had done otherwise when you arrive at your destination with plastic bags full of wrinkled clothes.  Plastic bags are more susceptible to tears as well, making them a not so ideal choice for secure transport.

If you have never seen or heard of a wardrobe box, then you are in for a real treat!  Wardrobe boxes are essentially huge boxes that serve as movable closets.  Equipped with a bar that allows you to hang your garments (like a regular closet), these boxes are much stronger than regular boxes and are perfect for wrinkle-free transport.

That’s it!  Your box tutorial is complete.

We hope that the above information was helpful.

If, while in the middle of all of your self-packing you happen to change your mind and want to hire a professional Alaska mover to assist with your upcoming move to Alaska, give us a call!  We would be more than happy to assist in any way that we can.

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