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Gun Laws and Shipping Firearms: Moving to and from Alaska

Alaska is known for its open gun laws, but there are some restrictions you should know about if you’re planning on shipping firearms in or out of the state. Gun owners moving to Alaska from other states are likely to find a more gun-friendly culture here. If you’re moving from Alaska you need to understand how another state’s stricter gun laws will impact you. Also, the fact that you are permitted to own firearms in Alaska gives you gun rights in some other states.

No matter what your destination is, guns are considered dangerous goods that require special care when relocating. Royal Alaskan Movers is up to date on best practices and regulations for shipping firearms. You can count on us to transport your guns safely and securely

Alaska’s gun laws



At 61.7%, Alaska has the highest gun ownership rate of all the states. While it has some of the country’s most lenient gun laws, there are rules that guide gun ownership:

  • You don’t need a state permit to purchase or possess a rifle, shotgun, or handgun, and you don’t need to register those weapons..
  • There is no waiting period or limit to how many firearms you can buy at one time.
  • Alaska requires federally licensed, but not private, dealers to conduct background checks, unless you have a state permit.
  • Alaska’s gun laws do not apply on federal property, including offices, military installations, airport terminal areas and other places under federal jurisdiction. If you’re planning to bring a firearm with you onto federal property, ask the federal agency in charge before you go.

Concealed firearms

  • If you legally possess a firearm and are over 21, you’re free to carry it concealed without a permit. The exception is places where facility owners and managers restrict or deny concealed carry on their premises, such as hospitals, universities and private property.
  • In a vehicle, firearms can be in plain sight or concealed out of reach. If you’re a hunter, it’s a good idea to make sure guns are unloaded when transporting them to the field.
  • If you encounter a police officer while carrying a concealed weapon in Alaska, you are required by law to tell the officer you have a gun.

Alaska has reciprocal agreements with some other states regarding concealed handguns

How do gun laws in Alaska compare to the rest of the country?

Gun laws vary dramatically across America. States with the most lenient laws include Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Vermont, Wyoming, Mississippi, and Kentucky. The states with the strictest gun laws include California, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Hawaii, and Illinois.

Firearms owners are responsible for knowing the laws, ordinances and restrictions that apply to the areas where they will be mailing guns, or transporting and keeping them.

Shipping firearms for a move


Knowing how to ship a firearm means following a lot of complicated regulations, particularly for transport in and out of Alaska, where shipments may be routed through Canada. Certain firearms that are legal in the U.S. are restricted in Canada. Royal Alaskan Movers is licensed to transport restricted and prohibited firearms through Canada. So, Royal Alaskan Movers can transport firearms to and from Alaska via both highway and water routes.

Whether you’re moving to or from Alaska, you’ll need to find a service that can abide by regulations and ship your guns with care. Royal Alaskan Movers has shipped as many as 55 firearms at one time for a single shipper!

Firearms owners count on us to:
• Stick to detailed inventory practices that ensure we keep close tabs on your firearms at all times.
• Apply security tape tags so that we know if a shipment has been opened. If customs needs to inspect a shipment, we can undo the tags and then apply new ones for the next leg of the journey. If that happens, we let you know right away.
• Follow best practices and keep you in the loop.

Royal Alaskan Movers wants your move to be easy and stress-free. For peace of mind, let us take care of shipping your firearms for you. Contact us to get a quote today.