What Do You Do When There Are No Roads?? You fly! Welcome to Alaska!


When compared to the rest of the continental US, Alaska has very few road connections.  Alaska’s road system covers only a small area of the state, linking only the centrally populated areas and the Alaska Highway, which serves as the principal route out of the state via Canada.   The western part of Alaska has no road system connecting the communities with the rest of Alaska.  The state capital itself, Juneau, is not even accessible by road, rather only by a car ferry!

So what do you do?  Well… you fly!  Alaska aviation is a fundamental element for the transportation of people, supplies and equipment throughout the state.  Most, if not all, of Alaska is accessible by air.   How is it done?  Believe it or not, large multi-engine airplanes can safely land on remote frozen lakes in the dead of winter!  Who needs runways when single-engine Alaska seaplanes or airplanes on wheels, or skis can land on ridge tops, glaciers, rivers, lakes, river bars or ocean beaches!  There are also many daily scheduled flights to communities in the state of Alaska.  These flights serve to deliver mail, supplies and transport people to otherwise inaccessible areas.

Regardless of which Alaskan adventure interests you or what items you may need to transport to a remote Alaskan location, Alaska’s complex aviation system has you covered.  There are no shortages of adventure when moving to Alaska!

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