Alaska is a booming state with several prosperous industries despite the economic struggle the rest of the United States is experiencing. While some industries are in a decline, many are still growing which means plenty of jobs. The job market may not be as friendly to job seekers as it was in the 90s and early 2000s, but it still has more opportunities than almost any other U.S. state. Working in Alaska can afford you new opportunities, even if it means relocating to Alaska.  There are a plenty of people rushing north to land a job and get back on their feet, all while enjoying the beauty of the unique landscape. If you are one of them, take a look at these nine industries that could use a hand.

  1. Health Care: The health care industry has grown 5.2 percent since 2010 and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. In Anchorage especially, the health care industry has had the strongest job growth and kept the economy moving strong almost single-handedly. Providence Health & Services has been one of Alaska’s top three employers over the past 10 years. If you are searching for a health care job, your best bet is to head straight to Anchorage and be employed by one of the most stable companies and industries in the nation.
  2. Tourism: Alaska is expecting another small tourist boom in 2011 and will see jobs created in all levels of the industry. From front desk staff to hotel management, all levels of experience should be able to find a job in the hospitality industry.
  3. Retail: With the new influx of people moving to Alaska comes the need for these people to spend at retail and grocery outlets. From buying cars to picking up a can of beans, more people spending money in retail means there are more jobs available. The retail industry also has seen a dramatic increase in business due to the large amount of military personnel stationed there before a tour of duty and when they come back. They bring their families with them and have more discretionary income to spend than most locals, making the military the bread and butter of Anchorage retail.
  4. Financial Sector: While the nation’s financial sector is in its worst situation in the history of the United States, Alaska’s industry seems to be faring well. Slight growth in 2010 was due to a stable growth in the housing market, which meant growth in mortgages, titles, and insurance.
  5. Seafood and Fishing: The coastal areas of Alaska are ruled by the seafood industry and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. The salmon harvest set a record in 2010 and will likely challenge those numbers again this year. While there aren’t as many fisherman showing up for one season and making it rich like they did in the 90s, there are still consistent jobs available and good money to be made. It is one of the most hazardous industries in the U.S. so take caution before moving up north to become a fisherman.
  6. Oil, Gas, and Ore: The powerhouse of Alaska industry has always been its natural resources. The industry is slowing a bit, but still remains a leader in job opportunities for new Alaskans. Rising oil and gas prices mean revenue is coming into Alaska. Many large private sector projects have stalled, which means 2012 may actually be a better year for these industries.
  7. Public Construction: The funds from military and federal construction projects have been a bright spot for Alaska’s economy and are still adding more jobs every single year. Construction in the private sector is strong as well, especially with the addition of new health care facilities. Between both the public and private sector, Alaska has more new construction than almost any other state.
  8. Education: More people moving to Alaska means more kids and the need for more schools. Everything from the construction of schools to the teachers that will shape the children’s lives will be needed to keep the state moving in the right direction. A lot of states are cutting back education and many people are out of work, so heading to Alaska could be the right decision in this tough economy.
  9. Consulting: With consistent growth in several industries, a lot of private and public sector organizations are looking for experienced consultants to help with the growth and future of their business.

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