Moving to Alaska can be a huge adventure!  It is not like moving to any other state.  Snow and ice are to Alaska the way sun and sand are to Florida.  But do not let Alaska’s chilly temperatures change your mind about moving to Alaska.  The good news is that thousands of people move to Alaska each year, and even though Alaska is a little further north and has a little longer travel time, it is a lot of like the rest of the nation.

Anchorage, in particular, is Alaska’s largest city and constitutes 40% of the state’s population.  Anchorage and other parts of Alaska combine the conveniences of the modern age, with the freedom and adventure of living on the edge of an immense, unspoiled wilderness.  There is truly no place like it on earth!

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Anchorage is an urban enclave surrounded by wilderness.  It has so many things to offer, for so many different groups of people.  If you like adventure, there are a variety of outdoor activities from hiking, to bike riding, to dog sledding.  Within a few miles of downtown, you can come across scenes you would only see in National Geographic: wolf packs roaming through a park, rushing mountain streams, and city parks vast enough to forget which century you live in.

Anchorage uniquely combines the conveniences of the contemporary world with a rugged, natural environment that has all but vanished from populated regions of the world.  It is a gateway to adventure, housing the world’s second-highest tides surges, and North America’s highest mountain peak.  Where else, other than Anchorage, are you able to watch moose in the morning and catch a ballet in the afternoon?  You even have the option to take a short flight to the mountains, fish a wilderness river, or visit the wild grizzly bears via air taxi… all with enough time to return home, and be back in time for fresh seafood at a five-star restaurant!